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the protector heaven

who did tell prophet Mohammad about it ?

next I will increase the level of diffculty !!!!
Quote: who did tell prophet Mohammad about it ?


Quote: next I will increase the level of diffculty !!!!

I think your complex example are just too great for us to understand. Please keep it simple...
Spinoza Wrote:God is the Asylum of Ignorance
So you think the phrase "By Heaven with its returning system" is a prophetic message about the water cycle.

It doesn't mention water.
It doesn't mention the atmosphere.
It doesn't mention anything about the water cycle.

All it does is say "returning system" which could mean absolutely anything since it is given without context.

(26th October 2009, 18:11)Last_ Ray Wrote:

who did tell prophet Mohammad about it ?

And why didn't they get him to be a bit more specific?

This is the worst one yet. (I think Adrian covered it quite nicely.)

Can't wait for the next.

By the way Last_Ray. Are you prepared to address any of the objections raised, or are you going to continue opening new threads and ignoring all replies?
Worst one yet?

Well, that and the Woody and Buzz story LMFAO.

Feeling authentically humbled rather than underminingly humiliated: just the way I like it.

I feel that *I* am nothing special, but that feeling itself feels very special indeed.

Dan Dennett Wrote:There's nothing I like less than bad arguments for a view that I hold dear.

(19th August 2013, 06:00)Cthulhu Dreaming Wrote: Don't be so afraid of death that you forget to live.

It actually is the thought(s) that counts after all.

I stand corrected EvF. The inane Toy Story diatribe was truly the worst (and funniest) thing I've ever read on this forum.
Keep them coming Smile These are funny.
He is just copy pasting arguments hoping that some of his shit will stick. It is a favorite trick of creationists as well. Lauching 50 claims takes mere seconds, debunking these claims take way longer. He is not interested in the answers we give, he just wants to grandstand his religion.
Best regards,
Leo van Miert
Horsepower is how hard you hit the wall --Torque is how far you take the wall with you
"By Heaven with its returning system"

This means day and night?

prove me wrong

(27th October 2009, 02:43)AngelaRachnid Wrote: "By Heaven with its returning system"

This means day and night?

prove me wrong


Way up north... in alaska... there is a time of year when our nickname "Land of the midnight sun" actually means something (We can also be the Land of the noon darkness on the other end of the year... both of those depend on if you are WAY way up north... or just kinda up north... or even just in the highly-populated regions). At the very pole (if you will): the is no night whatsoever at times of the year... and there is likewise no sun on the opposite side of the year.

So day and night aren't really a recurring system all the time... Tongue Hehe, just thought I'd mention this Smile
Might soon be one up on the king's horses and men... or might well just be delusional. The latter's usually the safer assumption.

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