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The Newly Departed thread: announcements (departures)
RE: The Newly Departed thread: announcements (departures)
I'm off on holiday tomorrow so I'll be offline for a little while. Take care guys, see you soon!
Feel free to send me a private message.
Please visit my website here! It's got lots of information about atheism/theism and support for new atheists.

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RE: The Newly Departed thread: announcements (departures)
Have fun tomorrow.
"Of course, everyone will claim they respect someone who tries to speak the truth, but in reality, this is a rare quality. Most respect those who speak truths they agree with, and their respect for the speaking only extends as far as their realm of personal agreement. It is less common, almost to the point of becoming a saintly virtue, that someone truly respects and loves the truth seeker, even when their conclusions differ wildly." 


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