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A person who needs help.....
RE: A person who needs help.....
I think it's hilarious that this keeps reincarnating. Who says delusions can't be fun!
God(s) and religions are man made and the bane of humanity. 

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. Ozzy or Twain/take your pick
RE: A person who needs help.....
I'm a person who needs help.  Ever since I got that last filling the CIA has been monitoring my thoughts.  Orchid was their operative but he cracked when he met agents kingpin and CATh-lady.  Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd.
Belief .. is the insistence that the truth is what one would .. wish it to be. The believer will open his mind to the truth on the condition that it fits in with his preconceived ideas and wishes. 

Faith, on the other hand, is an unreserved opening of the mind to the truth, whatever it may turn out to be.  

- Alan Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity

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