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Current time: 22nd January 2017, 16:22

Poll: Beard vs baby face(choose your destiny)
Guy 1(baby face)
Guy 2(light stubble)
Guy 3(heavy stubble)
Guy 3(full man beard)
Yo momma
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Girls: Beard or Baby face?
RE: Girls: Beard or Baby face?
Try waiting a bit.

(12th January 2017, 11:33)Tazzycorn Wrote:
(12th January 2017, 11:16)Neo-Scholastic Wrote: Those who compare God to the tooth fairy are douchebags.
True that, at least the Tooth Fairy gives you something in return for your belief and sacrifical offerings. When was the last time god ever did anything for anyone?
"You don't change the world by staying at home and being good" - Mooney
"I reserve the right to be irrational"
― Gemini

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