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Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton for President
RE: Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton for President
Some people, fortunately, put their country over their pride.
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RE: Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton for President
(14th July 2016, 01:46)Sterben Wrote:
(14th July 2016, 01:20)Irrational Wrote: There was no selling out on his part. He did what most of us knew he was going to do eventually if he loses the primary election.

        Even so, he was still strong armed into supporting her. He had to in order show the dems and voters that he was willing to align himself with the party. He could of given the finger and still fought on.

If Bernie had run as an independent, it would've taken votes mainly away from Hillary, which would give Trump a boost that he absolutely does not need.
He's done a lot of good and has energised a lot of people - now he's on the inside and can perhaps initiate some change from there.
Every vote that Clinton fails to get is a vote for Trump. Sanders will not have enough momentum to actually come out on top in a 3-way race. It's high time people grew the fuck up and realised that.

The Orange Menace is coming, and every able-bodied voter is needed to repel him.
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RE: Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton for President
After that Brexit referendum happened the way it did... I'm tending to think that Napo may be right. Trump may win.
Because it seems the republicans are way way more passionate about politics than the others.
The republicans will go out there and vote. En masse.
As for the others... some will vote... some will rebel against the establishment by not voting, thus granting a win to the die-hard voters.
Even I have heard Obama urging people to vote... who do you think he's talking to?
RE: Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton for President
I am very concerned Trump will win. Trump has made Pennsylvania competitive again and is tied in most of the swing states without even trying. He has no 'ground game' and he's catching up in in th Real Clear Politics average of national polls. Clinton is only ahead nationally by an average of 4%-5% (depending on which cart you look a, that is that two there and four candidate polling).

We know there is a 'shy Trump' phenomenon, that is people too ashamed to admit that they like Trump, too. Yet there seems to be this stubborn complacency from people who worship Hilary. I keep warning about Trump but these people may only 'wake-up' once Donald is in the Oval Office and blame everyone but Hilary. Hilary is at a real risk of losing and not the fault of Sanders or his supporters. So-callexld Bernie Bros are a fiction perpetuated by pro-Clibton media and have been debunked.
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