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Can you cut a cake fairly to solve this middle school math problem?
RE: Can you cut a cake fairly to solve this middle school math problem?
(14th August 2016, 15:57)mh.brewer Wrote:
(14th August 2016, 12:50)Whateverist Wrote: Exactamundo.  But to elaborate

If that's what Losty has to do, none of you are getting equal portions of cake. Apologies Losty.

Mathing is a sin anyway so I'm not offended. I figured we'd find something more fun to do than cutting a cake
Spring is always false hope
Promises of new life
Spring tells her that she's beautiful
He's insincere and full of lies
RE: Can you cut a cake fairly to solve this middle school math problem?
Dress up and go out tonight ??
If any email controversy impacted the election, it wasn't Russian hacking of the DNC and  John Podesta's email, it was Hillary Clinton's decision to have her own email server and the subsequent FBI investigation which raised all the same  questions  Hillary Clinton has justifiably faced for decades about her trustworthiness and honesty.


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