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The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.

Interesting article on the continuing decline of the web as we move away from browsers and towards other applications for getting our daily dose of the internets.

I don't know about you, but I don't use the web nearly as much as I used to. My email is stored both online and offline thanks to Google's IMAP implementation; my feed-reader is Vienna, and I can read all news and tech stories within that. I listen to music that is downloaded (legally) from Spotify, and I can chat to people using Adium (MSN, AIM, Facebook Chat) or through IRC.

Sure, I still use the web a lot, but there are really only 3 sites I visit on a regular basis: atheistforums.org, google.com, and youtube.com. Even the last two I'm using less; Google because Firefox (and Chrome) have it built into the address bar, and YouTube because it is moving towards the "app" side of things.

What about everyone else? What do you still use on the web, and what has been relegated to another part of the Internet?
RE: The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
Google alone is enough though surely?
Losty Wrote:The thing I hate about humility is it means "a modest or low view of ones own importance". All too often pushing that humility is a great virtue is a disguise for belittling someone's self worth to unhealthy levels. My parents raised me to have so much humility that even after over a year I think that I haven't associated with them or anyone else toxic from my past, if someone is hurting me I struggle asking them to stop or even having the "audacity" to complain about it. Humility is not always a good thing. Having a low view of your own importance can be extremely harmful. Pride means "a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from ones own achievements". Pride is not always a bad thing being satisfied with yourself, your achievements, and your life can be very healthy.

So no, humility isn't always good. It's all about balance. People should think highly enough of their own worth that they love themselves and never let others use them as a doormat, and they shouldn't think so highly of themselves that they allow themselves to impede someone else's path to happiness.
RE: The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
Google is going to be one of the pioneers of the new "online experience". As Adrian said... completely application based. My laptop will soon go the way of the VCR.
RE: The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
The mother-fuckers will have to pry my desk top from my cold, dead, hands!

Come and get me, nerds!!!
[Image: Atheismreality_zps62a2c96a.jpg]
RE: The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
I don't use the web as much as I used to, though I still use it a great deal. Definitely enough to not get rid of my laptop or desktop computer in way of other things like smart phones.
Eeyore Wrote:Thanks for noticing.
RE: The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
I like websites that host the game files I want.
RE: The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
I use less dedicated local applications and mostly server hosted ones. My local machines are getting bloated for their task - I'd plead the fact if it didn't mean me losing out on free gear from the company.

Phones/ small connected devices are mostly shit due to the stupid size IMO, although their technological niches are of course valid.

I still use the web a lot for information gathering for a lot of things to do with daily living. I currently have 30 iconised bookmark links on my browser for my personal habits, in addition to other recent research links to follow up or consult.

I have all imap email accounts and I can't be arsed with feeds.
RE: The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.

I hadn't thought of that until you posted.

I use mainly a dozen or so bookmarked sites for most of what I want to do. I sometimes ask Google questions. Today it was:

"removing tiles from gyprock" and" "repairing large holes in gyprock". I'm retiling the splash board in my kitchen.There are 2.5 square metres. At my present rate,I expect to finish next Wedesday.Confused Fall
Man is not so much a rational animal as a rationalising one.
RE: The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
There are 2 types of usage of the internet for me, work and private.

For work, I use the internet as a knowledge repository, finding answers to questions I might have regarding network, software, or computer related things. I also use it to get updates and software from our vendors, and information and quotes for new hardware or software to be purchased. E-mail comes from our own MS-Exchange mail server so we don't need to go out to the internet for that.

For private, I use the internet for the forums, webshops, pornsites, youtube, and last.fm. All my email adresses apart from gmail which I never use are my own domains so I can shuffle them around as I see fit.
Best regards,
Leo van Miert
Horsepower is how hard you hit the wall --Torque is how far you take the wall with you
RE: The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
I mainly use web browsers. When I got my iPod I thought, man, apps! But I find I barely use them, and none of the ones I use regularly are internet based because I'm dependent on wifi.

I cannot stand email clients. Like I tried to get into that but it drove me nuts. I prefer so much just going to email page in a browser. I tend to have 4 or 5 tabs open at a time, and one is always my email.
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

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