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NFL 2016 Pick'em League!
RE: NFL 2016 Pick'em League!
They should be careful with field goals too. We blocked two of them this season. Tongue
RE: NFL 2016 Pick'em League!
(16th January 2017, 00:20)The Gentleman Bastard Wrote: Steel, your boys are gonna have to find the end zone to beat the Pats.

You are most certainly right. But if the Pats have one weakness, it's their run D. And Lev Bell is liking this playoffs thing.
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RE: NFL 2016 Pick'em League!
I have one blemish so far: I had picked the Raiders to beat the Texans (in retrospect, I'm not even sure what I was thinking at the time). I had GB advancing to beat Dallas and am counting on them to beat Atlanta in what I assume will be an insane shoot-out between two very hot offenses. I have the Patriots picked to beat the Steelers next week, and my SB pick is NE to beat GB.

Honestly, though, if I root with my heart rather than my head, I'd as soon see a Pittsburgh/Atlanta Superbowl. I'm really over the Patriots and, as a Minnesota fan . . . 'cause Green Bay.


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