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The Mathematical Proof Thread
RE: The Mathematical Proof Thread
(2nd October 2016, 01:17)robvalue Wrote: Interesting! I'll have a look at those later if my brain starts working.

Just as an aside, we don't allow 1 to be a prime number because we would lose unique factorisation of integers into primes. For example:

6 = 2 * 3 Unique

6 = 2 * 3 * 1 = 2 * 3 * 1 * 1 = ...

Why do I find humor in this?
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RE: The Mathematical Proof Thread
I don't know Tongue Maths is fun! I've always said so Wink

Cool stuff about the binomial! I think I remember working out a similar proof when I was bored at college, many years ago. I can't remember if it was exactly the same.
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RE: The Mathematical Proof Thread
Prove that C(n-1,k-1) + C(n-1,k)= C(n,k)

Proof strategy.



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