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Mauritania clerics want 'apostasy' blogger executed
Mauritania clerics want 'apostasy' blogger executed
Mauritania clerics want 'apostasy' blogger executed


A body of Muslim clerics in Mauritania has called for the death sentence to be carried out against a blogger convicted of apostasy in 2014.

The blogger was arrested in January 2014 for an article in which he lashed out at those who use religion as a means of discrimination against members of certain ethnic groups. The article was later taken down as it was deemed blasphemous towards the Prophet Muhammad. Mkhaitir then apologised and said he never meant to insult the Prophet.

"We demand that the competent authorities apply the law," the Forum of Imams and Ulemas was quoted by Reuters as saying in a statement. "Kill him and bury him in conformity with the law of God," the statement added.

Don't you just love the "religion of peace"?  The prophet must be a thin skinned wimp if he can't handle an insult
The meek shall inherit the Earth, the rest of us will fly to the stars.

Never underestimate the power of very stupid people in large groups

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RE: Mauritania clerics want 'apostasy' blogger executed
Mauritania and Mauritius: very similar names, very different places.
How will we know, when the morning comes, we are still human? - 2D

Don't worry, my friend.  If this be the end, then so shall it be.
RE: Mauritania clerics want 'apostasy' blogger executed
Fucking Mos are the same everywhere though.
If any email controversy impacted the election, it wasn't Russian hacking of the DNC and  John Podesta's email, it was Hillary Clinton's decision to have her own email server and the subsequent FBI investigation which raised all the same  questions  Hillary Clinton has justifiably faced for decades about her trustworthiness and honesty.

RE: Mauritania clerics want 'apostasy' blogger executed
Global Slavery Index estimates 1% of Mauritania's population are slaves and this is what they chose to focus on? Why don't focus their resources on punishing the slave owners instead? Oh right, they are officially  an Islamic Republic... That means we have to do some mental gymnastic to defend them if we are from the Ummah. Or we could just be normal an condemn slavery.
Formally known as MRNMP...

Did you know that somebody born in space (e.g. on Mars) will NEVER be able to conduct Hajj or Umrah because the gravity of the Earth will be too much for their bodies to handle? You can forget about giving Dawah to Luke Skywalker, because he will never be able to visit Mecca. If you have to retrofit the Quran then that should be a clear a sign as any that your religion is not the right one. And that's the Quran debunked. Easy.

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