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Ford cancels plans to build in Mexico, will invest in Michigan
RE: Ford cancels plans to build in Mexico, will invest in Michigan
(4th January 2017, 14:37)Napoléon Wrote:
(4th January 2017, 11:09)Orochi Wrote: Indeed juvenile

lol I'll only get called a racist or compared to Hitler anyway so what difference does it make. Might as well have some fun with it, and it is rather fun winding you cucks up.

If I knew you'd actually give concerted effort for a two way conversation maybe I'd change tact but as it is I know there's so many people, so out of touch, who are so anti Trump they literally would rather see their country fail instead of admitting he did something good.

And before you say 'doesn't get rid of all the bad'. Obviously. It's the sheer failure to acknowledge an opposing point and the hypocrisy of it that makes me call you all cucks. I only posted to see the response and it's pretty much what I expected.

The irony take everything you have just said kindly apply it to your side of the fence
"And the midnight serpent flowed into the sky like a thousand rivers and all became blackness and calm "

RE: Ford cancels plans to build in Mexico, will invest in Michigan
Lol @ "cuck".
"My skirt is blowing upwards and you can sort of almost see my panties. What a massive cocktease I am. Oopsie." - Marilyn Monroe
"The problem with quotes on the internet is it his hard to verify their authenticity." - Abraham Lincoln
"You fucking numpties... if you crucify me I'll just respawn." - Jesus Christ
"You know what? As it's my birthday today we can sod my Golden Mean to hell! I'm getting shitfaced tonight and I'll be buggered if any of you bastards are gonna stop me." - Aristotle
"Confucius say... oh fuck I forget... I think I'm losing my memory. Oh and pass the dry roasted peanuts would ya?" - Confucius
"Lord... make me chaste... but not yet.... no first I'm gonna need some hookers and some blow. K thx bai." - Augustine of Hippo
"Screw you all I'd rather drink the hemlock anyhow you ignorant motherfuckers!" - Socrates
"Yes, it's hard finding out all parents are liars. I can relate because I remember my parents telling me they'd been fibbing and I didn't really exist." - Santa Claus
RE: Ford cancels plans to build in Mexico, will invest in Michigan
Napoléon Wrote:Cute, you've already got your excuses lined up. Good work!

A president's effect on an economy tends to be slow for improving it, quick for messing it up. Two years out before you can start really talking about any positive effect from a new president, and even then it's probably going to be a mix with the previous president's policies. It takes time for new policies to have an effect...OTH, it's not hard for a president to wreck an economy pretty quickly with bad policies and intemperate speech; the market tends to react quickly when it sees disaster coming.
I'm not anti-Christian. I'm anti-stupid.
RE: Ford cancels plans to build in Mexico, will invest in Michigan
Ahh strawman so little time

1,. Yup that's all we do call you a racist we don't point out your flaws show why trumps unfit to be president call out his sad PR stunts critize his bad cabinet choice or his bad policies it's all just calling you a racist (sarcasm)

2. You can't change tact because you'd need tact to change it your single tact is table thumbing and hot air then crying when you get your ass handed to you. And conversing would require you have somthing worth saying that every other trump fanboy hasn't already

3. No one wants the country to fail critizing a bad or inatiquite policy or trumps empty boasting is not wanting a country to fail

4. If by delusional you mean rightly  critical of the orange demiguage then i guess i'm delusional

5.As for you absurd notion that an bad person once in a blue moon doing somthing right stalin killed 20 million people but he also modernized russia inferstructure so does that  make stalin good ( and no i'm not saying trump is stalin so save your hyperbole).Trumps shown his charater during the election and after. Some empty boasting about  saving some barely antqute jobs by bribing ,lying,and threatening companies is a drop in the bucket . So if i'm wrong it hasn't been shown yet.

6. As for the calling us cucks id rather be a cuck then trumps sex gimp which is really what you and all trumps cheerleaders are in the end
"And the midnight serpent flowed into the sky like a thousand rivers and all became blackness and calm "


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