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★★ We are all atheists/atheistic to ALL Gods (says simple science)
RE: ★★ We are all atheists/atheistic to ALL Gods (says simple science)
(13th January 2017, 13:38)Mathilda Wrote:
(13th January 2017, 04:52)ProgrammingGodJordan Wrote: I have never once claimed I could model the brain.

You may want to rephrase this in your resume in your research interests then ...

Quote:I had but recently composed an artificial neural network framework

that gracefully models the human brain.


A synonym for graceful is lithe, slight, trivial or narrow.

Alternate sentence:
"that narrowly/slightly/trivially models the human brain"
I am but a casual body builder/software engineer (see my body in image below)

★ I am the creator of "non-beliefism". (http://nonbeliefism.com/) ★

[Image: jajybkV.jpg]

★ more body images: https://www.facebook.com/ProgrammingGodJordan


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