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Yes. Sadly We All Know The Next Phony War Is Coming
RE: Yes. Sadly We All Know The Next Phony War Is Coming
(12th February 2017, 00:08)Thumpalumpacus Wrote:
(11th February 2017, 22:59)Tres Leches Wrote: China or Iran is my prediction.

Iran. War with China would harm too many of Trump's businesses which rely on Chinese manufactures.

Frankly a war with Iran will be not much better for the businesses Trump rents his name to, for two reasons, the US going to war with Iran will involve the US in a quagmire that'll be Iran/Afghanistan/Vietnam rolled into one, and increased by an exponential of ten; and second, a lot of the businesses he whores his name to are in countries that Iran can and will probably fuck over early in such a war.
Soulless minion of orthodoxy.

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