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Member Photos
RE: Member Photos
(3rd February 2016, 23:42)The Valkyrie Wrote:
(3rd February 2016, 23:40)ignoramus Wrote: Yeah, but we haven't seen your butt!



Link or a slapping ... your choice.
RE: Member Photos
(Yesterday, 19:43)Catholic_Lady Wrote:
(Yesterday, 15:19)Whateverist the White Wrote: Wait, so now you're acknowledging the child rapage?  Didn't see that coming.  I knew you liked your husband because you thought he looked pre-pubescent, but I would never have pegged you as a child rapist.

Lol, I do like the young looking ones....

(Yesterday, 21:45)Evie Wrote: Damn. I'm old looking.

I look youngish, Cathy ... if you squint ... and ignore the grey hairs ... and plug your ears when I gripe about AVN in my hip.
RE: Member Photos
Losty Wrote:The thing I hate about humility is it means "a modest or low view of ones own importance". All too often pushing that humility is a great virtue is a disguise for belittling someone's self worth to unhealthy levels. My parents raised me to have so much humility that even after over a year I think that I haven't associated with them or anyone else toxic from my past, if someone is hurting me I struggle asking them to stop or even having the "audacity" to complain about it. Humility is not always a good thing. Having a low view of your own importance can be extremely harmful. Pride means "a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from ones own achievements". Pride is not always a bad thing being satisfied with yourself, your achievements, and your life can be very healthy.

So no, humility isn't always good. It's all about balance. People should think highly enough of their own worth that they love themselves and never let others use them as a doormat, and they shouldn't think so highly of themselves that they allow themselves to impede someone else's path to happiness.

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