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Member Photos
RE: Member Photos
Heart Tanner
Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.
RE: Member Photos
(17th May 2015, 18:07)SteelCurtain Wrote:
(17th May 2015, 01:18)Jericho Wrote: So I feel like my mother keeps finding random pictures of my childhood and decides to send them to me.  This here is a picture of me with what used to be my hair (and my favorite feature of myself).

And yes…I am on my roof.

In your recent pics your hair is darker, no? Did you dye it then or did it just get darker as you got older?

Lots of peoples' hair darkens as they age Tongue I was blonde as a kid too

The confused looks people used to throw me and my Dad when we were out together. He was there this tanned Greek-looking man with black hair and dark eyes, with this Nordic looking kid. It was this look that so clearly said "He's not yours is he?"

My hair didn't go dark until I was like 10
If your religion is worth killing for, do everyone a favour and start with yourself.
RE: Member Photos
I am a young (and handsome) 32 year old.

[Image: 11205170_10206515005894834_9169299298967...c3239388f2]
[Image: dcep7c.jpg]
RE: Member Photos
(17th May 2015, 23:54)CapnAwesome Wrote: I am a young (and handsome) 32 year old.

[Image: 11205170_10206515005894834_9169299298967...c3239388f2]

...and you look contented too. Getting out in nature, rock climbing, camping, back packing. Do it while you're still young.

As opposed to me, complaining that the weekend wasn't long enough and not too thrilled that I have to go back to work again on Monday morning and start the routine all over again. Not what I had planned for myself at my age.

where did the weekend go?
[Image: photo_3_1_Front_Porch.jpg]

this is as close as I get to nature theses days. A Japanese Maple that I nursed from a seedling...
[Image: The_JM.jpg]
"Inside every Liberal there's a Totalitarian screaming to get out"

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Quote: JohnDG...
Quote:It was an awful mistake to characterize based upon religion. I should not judge any theist that way, I must remember what I said in order to change.
RE: Member Photos
(17th May 2015, 18:56)thesummerqueen Wrote:
(17th May 2015, 16:24)downbeatplumb Wrote: I showed this picture to my wife.
She looked at me and said in a firm voice "we aren't getting a dog".
I think she saw the adoration in my eyes.

That's awful, but then again, I believe you still have a son living with you. They cause the same amount of trouble.

Make that 3 sons.
18,16 and 12.
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RE: Member Photos
(17th May 2015, 22:34)Yeauxleaux Wrote: My hair didn't go dark until I was like 10

Even worse: your family can have variation hair color. Genetics is weird. My brother's hair started out dark and then lightened considerably. He has the lightest brown hair out of all of us. Mine is probably darkest, but when I spend a summer out in the sun, it gets a lot of red/copper/amber highlights (we have red-heads in the family). My sister's is a mid-chestnut.

My maternal grandmother had dark, dark brown hair. My maternal grandfather had brown hair so light it was nearly dirty blonde. My paternal grandparents were blackhaired (I think) and blonde. My dad's hair was nearly black. My aunt's hair was blonde. My cousin is as blonde as a nord, but I'm dark.

I still don't know where the freckles came from.
[Image: 6077667482_3eed99f7a8_o.png]

RE: Member Photos
A selfie at work using my rather splendid webcam on my rather splendid machine Tongue
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"So Islam teaches that we're all slaves. Not sure what we're meant to learn from that, but let that slide. Slaves to whom? To Allah? But he never shows up; and conveniently, the only people to whom he allegedly speaks are the priests. How many of them wear rags? How many of them live in the streets? How many of them have to eat scraps, drink filthy water, or nothing at all?

Not all slaves are created equal, it would seem. "
- Stimbo, AF's prophet-in-residence.

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