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Favorite words
[Image: mybannerglitter06eee094.gif]
If you're not supposed to ride faster than your guardian angel can fly then mine had better get a bloody SR-71.
(10th December 2010, 10:48)Moros Synackaon Wrote: What should you ingest if you want to experience what it's like to be a mentally retarded schizophrenic experiencing an abnormal serotonin surge? Dextromethorphan.

I've fixed it for you
My favorite worlds are "The world is a stage and we all are its characters..."
They are some might find "Worlds" Alston Smile
(10th December 2010, 08:41)theVOID Wrote: Nuns are the last people I would water down swear words for.

Haven't you ever seen "The Blues Brothers"? Thinking
Man is not so much a rational animal as a rationalising one.

^ My favorite word, which i don't hear nearly often enough.
Might soon be one up on the king's horses and men... or might well just be delusional. The latter's usually the safer assumption.
(10th December 2010, 03:45)Shell B Wrote: Succinct.

Every time I hear that word, I think of Dom Deluise in Men in Tights.

"Suck what?"

My favorite words have ex in them. Exquisite. Exaggerate. Exuberant. Explicit. Something about the 'ks' sound.
[Image: 6077667482_3eed99f7a8_o.png]

Just for you Queenie Smile


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