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New Game/ Gnome??
New Game/ Gnome??
Greetings whoever is out there,

New to this forum, and just trying to figure it out... so any help/ responses will be appreciated. Angel 

I think I got the idea behind some of these games.  I once played a game called Gnome with an email list at Microsoft.  The rules were something like...

Each person takes a turn.
During your turn you can propose a rule.
If your rule is approved by the group, you earn a point (or two or three??)
If your rule is not approved, your turn ends and the game continues.
Any one that breaks an approved rule is out.
Game ends when only 1 person is left, or whoever has the most points when everyone gets bored?!

Anyone want to play??

RE: New Game/ Gnome??
hmm sounds... interesting! So how many victims are we talking here?
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