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My... story? I guess? Its not really on par with lord of the rings to be honest.
My... story? I guess? Its not really on par with lord of the rings to be honest.
Alright well apparently I was meant to do an introduction, I apologize for my rudeness. I was quite taken back when someone asked me to make one, think its the first time its happened.

My real name is Richard Williams, 21, male last time I checked. I have aspergers, mild asthma and dyspraxia. Don't worry, I've got the cool kind of aspergers that only subtly screws with my life. You know, lack of concentration, lack of memory, stuff like that but it comes with alot of perks too. You'd never know I had it unless I told you. My life hasn't been great but I'll skip past the "boo-hoo" bits.

Raised catholic in the backside of a seaside town called Clacton-on-sea whos inhabitants now closely resemble the mutants from "The Hills have eyes". Its now commonly know as "crackton", give you three guesses why.

I first had my doubts when I was 8, I was bullied alot. I wasn't a weedy or cowardly child, I wasn't unintelligent either. I simply didn't respond out of fear I'd go to hell. Eventually I fought back, got quite good at it.
It was only when I was 13-14 I properly read the Bible and read it well from cover to cover, when I was done I was amazed. This was the "word of God"? Even then it was obvious to me it had been completely fabricated. Of course then you're plunged into a world of uncertainty too. "Whats my purpose if not to serve a higher being? Is there any point in me even carrying on?"

Upshot? I searched and found philosophy, science and knowledge. I don't pretend my lifes perfect. I broke up with my ex a year ago, I dropped out of college shortly after and now I'm suffering from agoraphobia with a career nowhere in sight. Still, I got my faculties, I've got my intellect and I'm not such a bad guy... I mean I'll be honest, I did join this forum to start a meme to turn a racist redneck into a laughing stock but thats another story.

Well, thats me. Hope you're ok with it.

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My... story? I guess? Its not really on par with lord of the rings to be honest. - by Reforged - February 15, 2012 at 4:14 pm

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