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For football/soccer fans, predictions for the World Cup
For football/soccer fans, predictions for the World Cup
What's your prediction for the world cup? So far we've got Germany V Brasil and Holland V Argentina. Who will win each game? Who will reach the finals? And who will be champion?

My bet on Germany V Brasil goes for Germany winning, Brasil lost Neymar and I consider Germany a better team, better prepared overall and more chemistry between players

On Netherlands V Argentina is a thought choice, I consider Holland is making a good world cup, Argentina is good but they rely heavily on Messi, maybe I'd bet slightly more on Holland but it's still hard to make a decision

If the final were between Germany V Holland/Argentina, any of the 3 teams deserves a world title, but I'd like Holland to win, they have reached the semi finals and finals several times yet have never won a title, they deserve at least one.
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For football/soccer fans, predictions for the World Cup - by Dystopia - July 7, 2014 at 8:53 am

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