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Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
(July 22, 2014 at 3:52 am)pocaracas Wrote: I've been absent from this thread, but I've been following it... everyone's advice has been on the mark of what I would give you, Holly...

But there's something that makes me want to scream inside when everyone advises you to get out of that country and, then, start living your life.
Yes, it is the soundest advice possible for an individual in your situation, I agree.
But... but that's not the way to make the society in your country (and those around it) to move forward.
There must be other people in there with the same problem as you... consider your friend A as an example.
My advice would be to try to seek the others out, perhaps there are already groups of similar-minded people and all you have to do is join in. Once these groups reach a certain critical mass, their ideas start spilling out into the society at large, more or less abruptly, depending on particular details which are next to impossible to predict.
I know this is promoting a sort of revolution, with all the hazards to your individual health that come with being one of the first, but let's face it: that place does need a revolution... something from the inside.

That said, now let's try to deal with your personal online safety. Jenny has advised you to use Tails. That's great when you use some computer that's not yours. But it can become mighty suspicious (on your parents side) if you use it on yours, as it probably looks different from your current OS. So, I propose you install TOR browser and follow their guidelines on usage of the browser. Use it for most of what you need to do online, as it will distract any snooping. You can still use your current browser for innocuous stuff, like facebook (avoid mentioning your belief status in there), youtube, wikipedia, etc... just remember to switch when you come here and other places you may find pertaining to your lack of belief.

Once on TOR, check this out: http://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/50973/p/di..._KEY=10724.

Best of luck!

I like the sentiment behind what you're saying, but as long as there is a Wahhabi majority and public showing of dissent is banned (Article 8 of the Constitution), change will probably not happen without immense pressure from the West (not likely as they have us addicted to oil) or violent revolution. There are a small but growing number of cases now where atheists are being granted asylum on the basis of their atheism. OP, wait a few years until you're 18, see if that is the case for a country you like, and then make off for their embassy whenever you can. I don't know enough to call this "advice" per se but that's what I would do.
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