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Poll: does Alice need a good spank?
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yes. spank that ass.
12 48.00%
2 8.00%
i thought you were anti spanking
2 8.00%
this is just kinky
9 36.00%
Total 25 vote(s) 100%
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to spank or not to spank and the existence of god
to spank or not to spank and the existence of god
Alice aka: Violet aka: enemy of the state aka: AFs most quirky member of the year 2 yrs running, aka: miss 'i just reported myself twice in a report inside a report because we are all in the matrix, aka: fish strangler wrangler aka: official forum nospeak speaker-- I have concluded, needs a spanking. Anyone else up for corporal punishment of Violet Lilly?

Maybe if someone put some more fish in the ocean Violet would be busier. Hint hint theists: the God of fish conception should certainly be able to provide fish to prove his existence if he existed.

There. From now on and forevermore everytime Alice posts, the God delusion dies with. Why? Because : fish.

Thank you and goodnight.
If I were to create self aware beings knowing fully what they would do in their lifetimes, I sure wouldn't create a HELL for the majority of them to live in infinitely! That's not Love, that's sadistic. Therefore a truly loving god does not exist!

Quote:The sin is against an infinite being (God) unforgiven infinitely, therefore the punishment is infinite.

Dead wrong.  The actions of a finite being measured against an infinite one are infinitesimal and therefore merit infinitesimal punishment.

Quote:Some people deserve hell.

I say again:  No exceptions.  Punishment should be equal to the crime, not in excess of it.  As soon as the punishment is greater than the crime, the punisher is in the wrong.

[Image: tumblr_n1j4lmACk61qchtw3o1_500.gif]

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to spank or not to spank and the existence of god - by Luckie - July 26, 2014 at 5:55 am

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