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Christians: Why does the answer have to be god?
Christians: Why does the answer have to be god?
I'm debating a creationist ATM, and he thinks that because we don't know how life began, it must be god. But why? Since a lot of (christians/creationists) think that, why does the answer to our biggest questions have to be God? Why can't we settle for "I don't know" and try to find the answer to these questions?

I'd love to see your responses.
If pinkie pie isn't real, then how do you explain the existence of ponies, huh? If ponies are real, then that's proof that Pinkie Pie is real. Checkmate, christians!  Heart
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-- Book of Pinkie Pie 7:3

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Christians: Why does the answer have to be god? - by IanHulett - August 28, 2015 at 10:47 am

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