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Australian Mufi says Hijab is "cultural tradition" gets beaten with shoe on live TV
Australian Mufi says Hijab is "cultural tradition" gets beaten with shoe on live TV
Middle East Eye reports

When you have to beat somebody with a shoe, you know if you've the argument. The word "Hijab" isn't even in the Quran.

VIDEO: Mufti beaten with shoe during Egypt TV row over headscarf

The Hijab is ridiculous and this is how apologists appear to  think a Hijab works (a little image I made):
[Image: supernatural_hijab_power__blasphemyday_b...ajicwg.png]

This is what Egyptians used to think about heads coverings:
(they laughed at them and we see President Nasser laughing with them because apparently the leader of The Brotherhood, who wanted all women to cover their heads, could not get his own daughter to cover her head when she went to medical school)


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Australian Mufi says Hijab is "cultural tradition" gets beaten with shoe on live TV - by ReptilianPeon - October 6, 2016 at 2:56 am

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