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While Judaism may have had forced marriage war booties, i think it reasons is for it
While Judaism may have had forced marriage war booties, i think it reasons is for it
Like i am not saying its good. I think its horrible. But try to think here.

You live in this masculine culture, romans and greeks or other cultures worshipped wars, gods and booties. So they are like if i wanna join a war i wanna rape something. Yes, Romans had sex slaves, it existed.

Like i am not trying to said what jews did in terms of taking war booties, splitting the spoils and forced marry the war booty.

But like if you lived back then and said to yourself.. yeah i am not dying for not raping or killing people. Screw that. So this was like their answer for it more or less, but what if you marry them and then you can fuck them. And the guy is like... ok thats ok i guess... i can deal with that.

I am just saying, they sort of was anti them vs us. Like insecure afraid of stuff like human sacrifices, male abusers... (not to be confused with male loving males, though perversion is condemned in the bible, but the sexual acts is sort of seen by the jews as leading to immorality, which may explain why they wanted to kill them considering male sex slaves and domestic humiliation of sub was seen down upon by the pagans like romans and greeks "though sometimes stuff like orgies or homosexual acts was like ok i think" but being a sub from reading was actually sometimes seen as shameful. Not sure how big homophobia was in the masculine roman empire though, maybe little. But thats just what i read.

What i am saying is in comparison the god sort of tried to easen more up on the evil world in comparison. Not saying it was perfect. But i can say... i am not that huge fan of human sacrifices, rape and stuff.

I dunno, i think it was done for a reason. Like virgins is less likely to have aids or be evil or something. Something about immorality. Like yeah strict but just saying. Its all in the head.

Just wondering your views?

Edit: Like i am not trying to defame other religions either. For example muslims believe sex slavery is fine. So thats something i've always wondered about. But like i am just suggesting here.

Btw i read that homophobia was much bigger during nationalism like 1700s and outwards than back then. Considering tribal reasons, like the church was concerned on sexual sins for example, but i may be mistaken. I am just hearing on history etc

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While Judaism may have had forced marriage war booties, i think it reasons is for it - by Rakie - August 1, 2017 at 4:46 pm

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