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Excuse me bartender, can you spare me a game?
Excuse me bartender, can you spare me a game?
Yes, the owner had the right to do what he did. But, I ALSO had the right to walk out which is what I did.

So I don't have NFL Network at my house so I decide to go take a cab to a local bar, because, well, beer goes with football but not driving. Anywho, I anticipate the Skins getting their butts kicked, but being the glutton for punishment, gotta watch. If you are going to be put in front of the firing squad, no point in a blindfold. But my Skins sucking is not the point of the story here. 

So the cab drops me off, I walk in, all the countless tv's are lit up. I should have known something was up because no games were on, I walk sit down at the bar, and ask the bartender if she can put the Skin's Seattle game on........AAAAAAANDDDDD

Her response was, " We don't have the NFL package anymore, the owner is boycotting because of the players kneeling." Without a beat, I stood up, said to her, "Those players make the owners rich." Got up and walked out. 

Now before my detractors get on auto pilot and start posting crap, PLEASE re read the part I said, "he had the right to do it" but at the same time don't ignore that I also had the right to do what I did.

He is an idiot on two fronts. Business owners are about money, and the other thing that seemed off this time, was the amount of people there. The other times I was there on a Sunday there were far more people. So sure he can call it principle if he wants, but from what I saw, especially during fall in a resort beach town, if you are going to be open, seems pretty stupid to shoot yourself in the foot by taking away a draw like NFL games to bring people in, but Ok. His loss. 

The other people I feel sorry for are the wait staff and bartenders, they are loosing tips because of that moron. If we strictly want to make it about money.

But the most important thing, which has been said in other threads, this owner, MISSES THE POINT, just like anyone who sides with him. The players ARE NOT SAYING they hate America by kneeling. They ARE NOT SAYING they hate our military by kneeling. They are saying we have a problem we need to address and we need to improve on inequality and race issues. 

Protest is what got women the right to vote, protest ended segregation, and those are good things. It upsets me tremendously is that those on the right are fooled into thinking these players are rich so should not complain. That is not why they protest. They are very happy they live in a country where they can do what they do. But they also see it as an opportunity to bring light to those whom come from the same communities they do, that don't have it so good. 

There is no ill will on the player's part by protesting, there is ignorance on those who don't understand why they do. And that is one bar I will not be returning to. That is my kneeling in solidarity with the players protesting.

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