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Do you have friends who don’t share your political views?
Do you have friends who don’t share your political views?
I watched a clip from Bill Maher the other day that said something about how we would do better breaching the devise if we avoid political discussion altogether. I think he made a good point. Most adults are not going to change their minds about politics. Sure if you really want to discuss it then you should go for it, but if your goal is to find common ground with someone who does not share your political views your best bet is to avoid politics. My guess is that most of my afk friends are Republicans. I could be wrong but I just assume they are because it’s South Georgia. We get by just fine without ever mentioning politics, but I feel like if the subject ever came up it could be something that would at least change our friendship if not ruin it. Anyway, enough rambling from me. Do you have friends that don’t share your political views? If so, do you talk to them about politics?
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Do you have friends who don’t share your political views? - by Losty - November 18, 2018 at 3:08 am

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