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Race baiting is economic racism
Race baiting is economic racism
Probably due to history of racism by the democratic party. White supremacy such as Jim Crow Laws and KKK. Then the 60s happend and they changed to race superiority. I cant be only one thinking this is just done for monetary gain?.

Like racism i understand to be against, organized crime, often meant to do it because some people are just sick in the head and have to promote hate due to ethnic reasons. Somehow cows do it fine. Humans i dont understand.

Either case race baiting is also a straw because some right wingers probably also uses this to silence actual problems, but sometimes it is actual truth to it like some do it to just get a rise out of people. And not actually being objective. Like examples are news articles.

I mean you could just say. Elite class or rich vs poor, class struggle?. It would be like me saying on the day Trump got elected, and writing a news article on the line of
"Why do angry white racist liberals cry about Trump winning when he has lots of support by many americans?".

Example of typical race baiting is TYT or The young turks, which is sort of sad too because sometimes they have some legit issues but it gets all codled with the race baiting. My main problem with it is... ok cool you hate ethnic stuff due to reasons. Ok so how does one solve community problems? How does this help the system to overcome it?

One example of a more legit news outlet. Example... if i were bias news organization and wrote like most NPC journalists do i could write something like "why do angry white men love Trump so much". Now if i were to use facts.. (Depending if wiki is correct). I'd write something like this "Trump won due to middle class workers, ethnic tensions and religious anxiety"

Well something above the line. Trying to be professional. I dont live in USA so have no idea. But whats your views?

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