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Any success morally in history without?
Any success morally in history without?
Is there any country that exists that is morally acceptable that didn't have religion as it's founding, I don't know. Now do you feel that cussing in movies especially tarantino are exaagerated and even repetitous? Now I enjoy films but even bankers in movie cuss non-stop, do you feel repetition is a bad thing when they use the fuck word so goddamn much? Is it a good or bad thing, can something repetitious but yet still be entertaining, or knowing that the use of the f word is repetitious affect your view now? Explain knowing it's repetitious as a good thing, or is that just a vocabulary word that means nothing? BTW I loved superbad.

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Any success morally in history without? - by eyeglassexam - May 15, 2019 at 9:32 pm
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