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[Quranic Reflection]: The Romans destroying of the Jewish temple, would it happen?
RE: [Quranic Reflection]: The Romans destroying of the Jewish temple, would it happen?
(May 9, 2021 at 2:42 pm)BrianSoddingBoru4 Wrote:
(May 9, 2021 at 1:59 pm)Fake Messiah Wrote: Have you also noticed how there are never nice "prophecies" about Jews in Qur'an, only that the Jews will crash and burn?

Like, why aren't there prophecies in the Qur'an that Jews will win much more Nobel Prizes than Muslims who will have almost none?

Again, the aren’t prophecies. The First Jewish Revolt happened five centuries before Mohammad was born, and the Palestina Secunda incident happened while he was still alive. 

It would be like me ‘prophesying’ The English Civil War or the election of Jacinda Ardern.


The "prophecy" was stated in verse 7:

Quote:WinterHold said:

3-The third event is where the prophecy begins: the same enemies that Jews defeated in the past will sadden their faces (as the verse says) and enter the temple again just like they entered it the first time while destroying what the state of the Jews had taken over.

That didn't happen yet.

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