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Spiritual realm is very likely real (demonic possession)?
RE: Spiritual realm is very likely real (demonic possession)?
(May 12, 2021 at 10:43 pm)arewethereyet Wrote: This doesn't look like the musings of an atheist. 

In fairness, he identifies himself as an agnostic spiritualist. While many agnostics, myself included, tend to say "since there is no evidence of God, why believe one way or another?" Other agnostics are interested in the possibility of there being God (or something otherworldly) affecting the world. The agnostic answer "I don't know." is not a commitment towards believing one way or another. It's just that most (rational) agnostics don't bother elaborating upon knowledge they don't have. But the exceptions to this rule can be interesting conversation. So... why not?

I'll say this about OP. He needs to be more skeptical. He is too ready to believe things that have alternate (more realistic) explanations. Even a Jungian interpretation of the events (like psychological manifestations of inner aspects) would be better.

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