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The prospect of starting a family in today's economic system
The prospect of starting a family in today's economic system
In the last years I have become a lot more critic of the capitalistic system, how it exploits its workers and makes the rich even richer.

I have been thinking that even the idea of starting a family is now a dream, at least in the ideal conditions we would want. Consider the following expenses:

- House: it is now very difficult to buy a house. Its expensive and usually you need to get into debt.
- School: also very expensive. If you want to put your children in private school, it is even more expensive. Take into account that depending the country you live in, the difference between private and public education can be massive.
- Car: also expensive. Maintenance, permits, etc. Public transport is an option, but I think that if you have a family a car is very convenient. 
- Other expenses: necessary things like paying the bills, computers, phones, food, etc. You will have to sacrifice the quality of these good in order to afford all of the above.
- Stagnating wages: the joke is no joke. Everything rises except your wage. I honestly think we are reaching a tippig point on this regard.

Take into account that even if you are a professional, starting a family is difficult. Talking from personal experience, I have done everything you are supposed to do (go to university and get a degree), and still, the idea of starting a family is for me basically impossible (I live in a 3rd world country so wages are even lower compared to more developed countries).

When even starting a family is extremely difficult/impossible, we should question the economic system we live in.
I would like to know your thoughts about this.

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The prospect of starting a family in today's economic system - by Macoleco - October 1, 2021 at 2:03 pm

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