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Look i don't really care if you believe or don't believe
RE: Look i don't really care if you believe or don't believe
(August 16, 2017 at 4:02 am)Cyberman Wrote: Fuck Islam.

I cannot repeat this enough.

Yes, go after the bad claims in ALL RELIGIONS. But with all religions, Christianity, Islam, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhism. It still remains our species was around long before any written religion.

Yes "fuck Islam" if those individuals within it advocate violence, sexism, bigotry. But again, lets not pretend they invented those things. Our species morality is in our behavior, not our labels, not in holy books.

I hate Bin Laden, but I will not take it out on the likes of Malala or Keith Ellison even if I agree the Koran is used to justify cruelty to others. So is the bible. And there is conservatism in every religion including Jews and Hindus depending on sect and or family.

I still value human rights. I still value my species POTENTIAL to be non violent, the only thing I object to is assigning that good we are all capable of to a holy book or holy person of ANY religion.

Anger at religious violence and sexism and bigotry is justified, but there is no patent held by one label.

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RE: Look i don't really care if you believe or don't believe - by Brian37 - August 21, 2017 at 10:26 am

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