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from independant fundamentalist baptist in bible belt florida to antitheist
RE: from independant fundamentalist baptist in bible belt florida to antitheist
(October 17, 2018 at 5:59 pm)Minimalist Wrote: Greetings, friend.

We have a few baptist shitballs around here.  Feel free to unload on them.

well I would have probably targeted them when I was a new atheist but these days I just go after fallacies when I see them, like christians who think thier god can be given credit for evolution and the big bang. That was my troll on youtube for the day. 

This is what I am pasting on every video I find where christians claim god was responsible for either the big bang or evolution. Tell me what ya think.

"sorry but no, the god of the hebrews cannot recant the genesis account.

The fact of the matter is that the men in ancient days who want the rest of us to believe in the version of the god they alone spoke to, say this imaginary proprietary god for the jews told them it happened that way as depicted in genesis. if any other religion who's god claimed creationism were to say it happened any other way, christians muslims and jews would jump all over thier case to say that thier errors inscripture proves thier god doesnt exist or else thier prophets wouldnt make errors in judgement when providing fallible details about creation.

You dont get to recant what was said in genesis. People depend on the people in old days who had visions of this god to know if this god exists or not, and look at what they say this god whispered in  thier ears alone. this god that only the jews knew about and worshipped is a false one and the scriptures written prove this god never existed and told anybody anything. it was dellusional human beings hallucenating this shit up, and as smart as we think we are in the 21st century, we are still gullible enough as a species to accept superstition, and it seems the jewish brand of superstition rules the world.

If in the future a new religion arises and with a new version of god who gets credit for creation, and attributes evolution and big bang to the creation, then a few hundred years go by and the religion grows expedentially, humans will favor this religion because the believers will convince others of this god because of the accuracy of this god's creation story, and the followers will assume this god had actually been around longer than when the religion was created on record, and the religion's who's scriptures include the jhebrew god will die off in favor of the one who's god did it the way nature seems to have done it.

its the a, b, c's of creating a religion. You attribute your claims of this god's creation to common knowledge of the time. Just like everybody back in the days genesis was wrote believed the earth was flat, you get books like job that will say the earth was shaped like a clay under a seal, which is flat and circular, and that god will shake his enemies off of it, which was believed back in the day that people could fall off the flat earth's edges, and that the earth stands on pillars. This was "common knowledge" back in those days everywhere, so the jews gave thier god credit for this style of an earth's creation. now we know this was a lie, just like the cosmos and all living creatures were created within 6 24hour periods. The god of the hebrews never existed, and the shit the people who validated his existence show it by what they said god told them about creation. They made him up and pretended he talked these things to them."

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RE: from independant fundamentalist baptist in bible belt florida to antitheist - by android17ak47 - October 17, 2018 at 6:11 pm

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