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Open mind
Open mind
Hi, I'm new here... In fact, I'm new everywhere except my game forum.  I came here because I needed to post my views where other folks can read them and think about them.  I didn't do so well in English classes during my school years, so if something could have been worded differently, I apologize.  
I grew up with religion in a religious family.  I attended Methodist, something, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, then finally left high school and entered the world.  Over time, I "lost" my religious views. I'm rather open minded and curious about everything, including humanity.  It is my opinion that Life is far more complex than our current religions offer. I for one, am a proud human, even though things could be better. I can't see myself bowing down before any god just to secure a place for eternity washing that god's feet and singing his praises. No thanks. This is so confusing. I have lots to say about life, but no concept on how to explain things to you in a way that you will understand.  
I think we got everything wrong regarding religion.  No, I'm not crazy or insane. Just someone with an open mind, perhaps more so than others. Religious scholars say that there is a shred of truth in all religions. I agree with them. The people who wrote and compiled the current religions weren't stupid. They answered their current mysteries as well as they could with the knowledge they had.  Notice, all religions have a god... a rather nasty one in my opinion, and pretty much based on their current rulers and the power they had over the average citizen. Makes sense actually... the god had to rule with an iron hand...otherwise nobody would follow them.  I think we may...yes, may.. have had a creator at some point in time. I base this observation on how complex the average human is, and on how it would be almost impossible to give that creature the ability to reason.  It bogles my mind, so I went looking elsewhere for a possible explanation. In a nutshell, I think humans were seeded on the same meteorite that destroyed the dinosaurs. No, not a human... but our DNA. The meteorite used to be our previous planet... what happened to it? I dunno, but here we are. My second theory involves something that is mention in the religions but touched on very lightly.. mainly religions name it, but don't explain it. The soul. Instead of our DNA being brought in by meteorite, it brought some souls instead, perhaps both. Souls are an energy being, and for some reason, they don't have much mobility.. I know, now I'm confusing you as well..but I've given this a lot of thought and I think I'm on to something. At least, most of it can be proven thru scientific means if they ever get around to it.  Anyways, I've got other obligations, and I will continue my thoughts later. At least I may give you a laugh or two. Stay tuned. Lol

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