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Bangladesh considers death penalty for rapists.
RE: Bangladesh considers death penalty for rapists.
(October 12, 2020 at 12:01 pm)onlinebiker Wrote: Dumbassed swutbucket...

Nobody said a motherfucking word about denying anyone a trial....

Quit acting like an enflamed dickhead..

You "rape is wrong"

Me, "I agree, and?"

Your OP smacks of lack of due process.

Unlike you, if I were a lawyer I WOULD defend the 20 assholes who conspired to kidnap the Michigan Governor. NOT because I like them. But again, DUE PROCESS.

My personal opinion of what those assholes did has nothing to do with "DUE PROCESS".

(October 12, 2020 at 12:14 pm)no one Wrote: If you are guilty of rape, and by guilty, I mean you actually did it, you should be used as a lab rat, or a crash test dummy!

Yea, but just like any other charge, at least in the west, it is not up to the accused to prove they didn't do it, it is up to the state to prove they did.

And even outside the issue of rape, the death penalty doesn't solve shit. It simply makes appeals lawyers richer. 

NOBODY is advocating rape, nobody should. But the mentality of revenge in law, is authoritarian, not diplomatic.

I DON'T disagree with you in your emotional reaction. Rape is an assault on one's body autonomy, and anyone would react negatively to sexual force. 

This post isn't about supporting rape. It is however, about supporting avoiding mob rule by emotion.

IN a perfect world utopia, everyone wants to beat the shit out of the person who hurt them. In the real world, we also live in a world where the innocent are falsely accused.

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