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I'm kinda the victim of an anti-white hate crime in my real neighbourhood
I'm kinda the victim of an anti-white hate crime in my real neighbourhood
So I live in a part of town with quite a large number of ethnicities well represented, including a strong Afro-Caribbean element. My house is next door to a "Caribbean" hairdressers where black looking people often party outside of of an evening. Lockdown easing has occurred here on Monday last and people have been partying. On Tuesday I heard a very loud "BANG BANG!" on my front window - I thought somebody was trying to break it and it made me jump like billio, so I went to the front window to see what the fuck was going on in a state of some agitation. 

After pushing the curtain aside I saw that there was a push bike leaning against my window with the handlebars in direct contact with the glass. There was a black looking fellow chatting to somebody who, it seemed to me, had just arrived on the bike, as it was directly behind him. I loudly said "what the fuck bruv, don't be banging on my window?!" and he, wide eyed, made gestures of sincere apology, which I accepted as being a sincere apology and admittance of wrong doing, so nodded my head in acknowledgement and made the peace sign (2 fingers raised) and left the window, to carry on my evening.  

Approximately two hours later I hear people outside my window, both male and female, shouting about how I'd picked on the rider for being black and that I am a racist and, in particular, that I should "come out and fight" which is, by my mind, criminal and a hate crime albeit one with no real consequences perhaps other than making me feel I may be on the receiving end of a kicking before long. I did not reply to the taunts, left the front room and (tried to) go to bed. I did the right thing there, no doubt, although a part of me was sincerely tempted to go out and defend my self fervently I thought better of exacerbating such a confrontation largely as my temper was....perilous? Something like that.

The next day there's a clatter coming from the back garden and I find that next door have thrown a large refuse plank of wood into MY garden. Unprecedented disrespect.

My crime? Being white. Their crime? Buying into the proliferated lie that racism is "everywhere" and predominantly manifested by white men against black men. And also being violent/uncivilised. 

There have been no more words through the window from next door about this so maybe nothing more will come of it, and wow of course I hope for that. I refuse to talk to the staff next door about this as it's so ugly, offensive, stupid, acrimonious and potentially dangerous that I refuse to engage with it in person, if at all possible.

Analogies about the lack of evidence for racism in the killing of George Floyd seem...pertinent? BLACK LIVES MATTER - RARARA! Well guess what, the vast majority of people aren't racist and MY life matters too.

Anyway, joy. I just love walking out of my front door these days, as you might imagine. Stress.

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I'm kinda the victim of an anti-white hate crime in my real neighbourhood - by Duty - April 17, 2021 at 7:22 am

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