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There are some things you lose track of, & regret.
There are some things you lose track of, & regret.
Several things I collected as a kid, like led cast army tanks, men. I also at one point had every red, blue, yellow collector cards(baseball cards) of the original 3 Star Wars Movies. All those things over my childhood, teens fell into disrepair and faded in my interest.

But, I think one of the biggest things I regret not taking care of was my collection of airline silverware. I don't mean literal silver, but just in the fact that  growing up airlines used metal utensils with their logos stamped on them. Over the years growing up, my mom would steal spoons or knives or such with logos of the airline and save them for me. I kick myself to this day for misplacing, neglecting, and loosing two old spoons my mom had saved me from flights in the 70s. I had an Islandic Loflander spoon, and a Pan Am spoon. I don't know what happened to them. 

What things did you have, that you now regret you wish you had held onto? And by that I mean, not for money, but just in that you realize you look back and had a part of history?

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There are some things you lose track of, & regret. - by Brian37 - June 21, 2021 at 9:16 pm

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