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AF Hall of Shame (Post Edition)
RE: AF Hall of Shame (Post Edition)
The hate and bigotry just keeps getting better and better:

(8th March 2017, 16:06)Jehanne Wrote: In fact, if I had my way, people who believed in God could not hold political office, be on juries, be doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc., etc. 
"Of course, everyone will claim they respect someone who tries to speak the truth, but in reality, this is a rare quality. Most respect those who speak truths they agree with, and their respect for the speaking only extends as far as their realm of personal agreement. It is less common, almost to the point of becoming a saintly virtue, that someone truly respects and loves the truth seeker, even when their conclusions differ wildly." 

RE: AF Hall of Shame (Post Edition)
(7th March 2017, 19:49)Jehanne Wrote:
(7th March 2017, 19:13)Catholic_Lady Wrote: Ladies and gents, 

Here's Jehanne using the death of children and a woman as an opportunity to bash Catholicism. 

His rationale? The children and woman who burned to death are Catholic. Therefore they are stupid. And so they died because they are stupid. 
....Which helps support his claim/belief that people of faith are idiots. 

Disturbing to know that someone's bigotry goes so deep that they are willing to use the death of children in this way.       

No, what I am condemning is stupidity, and the fact that religion, Catholicism, in particular, is often an aggravator of it.  Religion is a sickness, Catholicism, in particular.  I have more respect for your typical drug user than the typical church (or Mass) goer.  At least the drug user has the honesty to admit that theirs is a chemical fantasy, as opposed to an "intellectual" one.  Here's the SSPX, trying to wiggle out of their promotion of geocentricism:


But, Robert Sungenis, a traditional Catholic, already had the take on them:


Sungenis is a fringe nutter saying he represents  mainstream Catholicism is insane .
"And the midnight serpent flowed into the sky like a thousand rivers and all became blackness and calm "


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