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Current time: 24th June 2017, 23:45

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Random Thoughts
RE: Random Thoughts
Also filled with mystery and beauty.
RE: Random Thoughts
(16th June 2017, 02:19)J a c k Wrote: The night is dark and full of terrors.

Then pull up close and we'll ward them off together
Sum ergo sum
RE: Random Thoughts
Watching Doctor Who.

RE: Random Thoughts
It's so fucking hot.
I can barely be bothered to move but I know if I do go out for a cycle there's a probability of scantily clad women out there and a really nice view of the hillside.

Are you ready for the fire? We are firemen. WE ARE FIREMEN! The heat doesn’t bother us. We live in the heat. We train in the heat. It tells us that we’re ready, we’re at home, we’re where we’re supposed to be. Flames don’t intimidate us. What do we do? We control the flame. We control them. We move the flames where we want to. And then we extinguish them.

Impersonation is treason.

RE: Random Thoughts
I was thinking of the following Picard and Worf dialog from the Star Trek TNG episode "the drumhead"


Admiral Nora Satei has been holding witch hunt hearings on board the enterprise in order to uncover a conspiracy of sabotage on board the enterprise despite evidence that strongly indicates that there was no sabotage.  At the last hearing, Satei completely loses her objectivity after she engages in a personal attack against Picard, which results in the lead admiral, Admiral Henry, walking out of the hearing with a look of disapproval regarding Satei's conduct .  Hence, during the last scene in an empty meeting room on board the enterprise, the following dialog occurs between Worf and Picard:

Worf: It is over.  Admiral Henry has called an end to all hearings on this matter.

Picard: Good

Worf: Admiral Satei has left the Enterprise.

Picard: We think we have come so far—torture of heretics, the burning of witches is all ancient history.  Then, before you can blink an eye, suddenly it threatens to start all over again.

Worf: I believed her.  I...I helped her.  I did not see what she was.

Picard: Mr Worf, villains who twirl their mustaches are easy to spot.  Those who cloth themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged.

Worf: I think after yesterday people will not be so ready to trust her.

Picard: Maybe.  But, she or someone like her will always be with us—waiting for the right climate in which to flourish—spreading fear in the name of righteousness. 

Picard: Vigilance, Mr Worf. That is the price we have to continually pay.
"I'm fearful when I see people substituting fear for reason." Klaatu, from The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)


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