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Emotional vomit:1
Emotional vomit:1
This is emotional vomit.

This song, it made me just go insane; IDK why:

My brain is good; believe me. I'm stable. But the point behind emotional vomit is that when you get stuck emotions, you explode. Repressed feelings must be taken out of the body.

As atheists are the majority in this site; you can eat shit and respect what I'm going through. I'm a lonely individual; I don't like to socialize a lot, not because I can't; but because I have so much negative opinions about them.

People are full of shit. Really; so full both physically and emotionally. Have you ever been in a group that speaks about the same shit for 4 years?
Same boring shit, same same same same.

And non of it is even true.

The motherfuckers talk the same shitty topics they know the conclusion of; but like radios they just keep going...

And going..
And going....
And going....................

If you try to be different you get so bashed; your face gets flipped.

Ending the emotional vomit; with a song:

Too bad Juliette is married ! She's a doll.
Vomit;;;;full stop.
Just believe me. Your face, clothes, the way you speak, the money you have, the things you own, the car you drive, nothing of that defines you; only your actions do, only, that's your worth. Every action can be one of two: good or bad. That is you. Don't allow anybody to fool you into self-hating because of stupid standards, that sidetracks you from the main categories that define you.
-Everybody is equal
-You;re not better than others by birth
-You're not your birth marks and scars
-You're your deeds

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