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Is it correct to classify Obama as the first black president"
#21 obsess FAR TOO much about ethnicity and race. You are no more pure Turkish than I am.
"The Universe is run by the complex interweaving of three elements: energy, matter, and enlightened self-interest." G'Kar-B5
(30th January 2012, 02:29)Minimalist Wrote:
(29th January 2012, 15:52)Tiberius Wrote: My question: Who cares?

Every republican running for president.

Aren't President Obama running the election for second term?
(29th January 2012, 15:49)5thHorseman Wrote: Except for singing Al Green, well, he's a corporate schmuck and he's definitely 60/40 honkey.

ROFLOL 5th, my love, I just about snorted tea out of my nose.

If a woman could be made horny by how much someone makes her laugh, I think you've left me in a limp heap since you've joined this forum.

(29th January 2012, 20:51)reverendjeremiah Wrote:
(29th January 2012, 15:52)Tiberius Wrote: My question: Who cares?

Race relations are a big deal in America

Race relations are a big deal to Mehmet.

I don't give a fuck what Obama is. I don't even care if he's secretly Muslim. I'm more concerned with the shit he's let fly during his presidency.
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I aim to please you, my queen.

The amount of people who think I should be a comic or a comic writer is unreal, but i'm a very serious person :S
'I just about snorted tea out of my nose.'

Glad to see you have repented your coffee sins and come back to the dark side.
Serious people make hysterical comics.
[Image: 6077667482_3eed99f7a8_o.png]

(6th February 2012, 16:48)thesummerqueen Wrote: Serious people make hysterical comics.

Yeah, look at Karl Pilkington:
[Image: mybanner4a5bf6f1f1d17.png]
Karl Pilkington is fucking hilarious.
(29th January 2012, 19:36)kılıç_mehmet Wrote: Well, that is why I used the term "stereotypical", because that is the impression I got from them, meaning, that this ought to be the impression that one has to get when thinking of the afro-american minority.

That ought to be the impression? That one has to get? You apparently have some racial issues to work out, there.

Quote:But just like you said, you grew up together, and I presume that you came from a middle class neighborhood with aspirations to amount more than simply becoming a cashier at the local grocery shop.

And what's wrong with being a cashier? It's honest work just like anything else.
Quote:About mammy...Well, can you actually brush aside the one part of a person in favour of the other? Obama is no more black than he's white, in terms of his blood, and he is also very cultured, speaks the english language with a clear accent(I don't know if he speaks any other languages besides his native english), and has had higher education.
So he does not fit the "black guy" type that we remember from Harlem or Bronx, or Detroit.

I don't know where you were trying to go with this thread, but you ended up in 1950s Mississippi. Congratulations.
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RW, I don't believe we've met. Pleased to meet your acquaintance and I love your avatar.

Mehmet is overly obsessed with race and heritage. Rather than taking it as something of historical interest, or a source of comedy, he seems to think that accidents of birth actually mean something.
[Image: 6077667482_3eed99f7a8_o.png]

Greetings, lovely to meet you as well. Also, your sig is quite fantastic.

As I am pretty new here, I haven't become acquainted with everyone's way of thinking. I was going to give Mehmet a little break because there seems to be a slight ESL problem, but that opportunity was quite conclusively dashed with the follow up responses.
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