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At Atheist Forums, we want to create the best possible forum experience for you. We do not have any revenue generated from adverts, preferring to have a nice looking forum and depend on merchandise sales to support the site.

The purpose of this page is to allow anyone to donate to the upkeep of Atheist Forums. All money you donate will be put towards the costs of running the site (the server costs around ~$56 a month). There is no required amount you have to donate, nor are you required to donate at all in order to use the site.

PLEASE READ: I have recently realized that PayPal are taking a small fee off every donation. For large amounts, it doesn't really matter, but for small amounts they can take almost 40%. If you have a PayPal account already, please do not use the button below, but instead sign into your PayPal account and send the money to my email address (please PM me for this).

- Tiberius

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