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Current time: September 28, 2023, 7:10 pm

Hall of Shame
Username(s) Crime(s) Sentence Neutralized by Comments
Daystar, Raymond, David Henson, "Atheist Forums Voice Of Reason" (yeah right), The Theist Personal attacks, trolling, counter productive evangelism, creating multiple accounts, PM spamming. Permanent Ban Tiberius, Darwinian A deeply disturbed individual; created his own Bible, refused to even consider different points of view. Evolution denier. Sent PM's to everyone on the forum for no reason other than to annoy.
moslem Copy/Pasting huge chunks of Islamic material into threads after repeatedly being told not to. Permanent Ban Tiberius Clearly has no thoughts of his own, and prefers to copy lies from Islamic websites instead of debating people.
davemabus99, davemabus1999, davemabus666, nstram, drma99, davmab7777, and many many others. Spamming with a load of Nostrodamus related crap. Permanent Ban Tiberius, Kyuuketsuki, Darwinian, EvidenceVsFaith, Moros Synackaon David Mabus is the mark of a great atheist forum. Unless you have been spammed by him, you aren't worth reading. Thinks he has won James Randi's money even though he has done nothing but collect Nostradamus quotes. Deeply disturbed individual. Avoid at all costs.
Edward, Edward the Theist, Egor, ChristianKnight, Eyem4Christ, Veridican Being a complete asshole, deleting all his posts in order to disrupt the forum. Creating a multiple account to evade a ban. Permanent Ban Tiberius Came to the site claiming he was an atheist. Within a few hours was suddenly "converted" and spent the rest of the time telling people they were morons. Pathetic individual. Only worthy contribution was forcing us to set up a backup system for posts to make sure people like him cannot disrupt the forum again. Returned to the site under a new guise, but made his mistake when posting a link to his website, which revealed his true identity.
JesusLovesUs Flaming and Trolling. Permanent Ban Darwinian Thinks that fundamentalist lies are the best way to convince an atheist of God. Doesn't realise that all atheists are at least 10 times smarter than him.
g-mark Spamming, antagonising and goading the staff and generally acting like a pillock. Permanent Ban Darwinian Started off OK but got worse as time went by, almost as if he wanted to be banned. Well, his wish came true!
Anto Kennedy Spamming, repeated bigotry & homophobia. Permanent Ban Tiberius Like a few ex-members, Anto started off fine. His behaviour deteriorated after making some homophobic comments and then acted like a bigot when his opinions were not accepted by the majority of members. He was banned for a week, but on returning proceeded to copy/paste a large chunk of homophobic "research" as a spam post.
The_Truth, Psalm 23 Preaching, ignoring criticism, generally being ignorant, & having multiple accounts. Permanent Ban Kyuuketsuki Typical fundamentalist Christian behaviour; came to an atheist forum where he was not wanted, and proceeded to rattle off ignorant statements concerning "end times" and "fulfilled prophecy". Refused to even consider our rejections of these ideas, and continued his preaching till the end.
dry land fish Repeated bigotry & personal attack on staff member. Permanent Ban Eilonnwy dry land fish was a right-wing atheist who slowly regressed into bigoted remarks about Muslims and Arabs in general. After being repeatedly warned for her behaviour to no avail, she decided to attack a member of staff, earning her a permanent ban.
Pastor Ezequiel Davis, HellboundGreaser Poe or Preaching Permanent Ban Darwinian, Eilonnwy Either a ridiculous poe or more likely a mad preaching bible bashing nutcase who came here with no intention of entering into any form of rational debate.
Godhead, Mr Olefemi, Facejacker, Mike Nomad, Scarface, Cando Trolling Permanent Ban Tiberius, Eilonnwy Repeatedly attempts to troll the forum. An annoying and intellectually limited moron.
Rokcet Scientist, Scarlet Pimpernel, Bond. James Bond. Repeatedly posting pornography, ignoring and insulting staff, and trying to evade his original month ban. Permanent Ban Tiberius, Moros Synackaon Rokcet Scientist was actually a member of the community for a long time, but one day decided to post pornography in an area of the forums open to children. He was told not to do it, but posted some more again a few days later. When told once more to stop, he started insulting two staff members for just doing their job. After it became clear that he wasn't going to stop breaking the rules, he was given a month ban. This was turned into a permanent ban when he created multiple accounts to try and evade it.