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Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
RE: Should i
(July 12, 2014 at 4:29 pm)Hollyblades Wrote: Hello guys this is my first thread and i really want some help in my life right now.

So here is the story,im a Male 15 year old and is so confused to what do do with his life who happens to be a Muslim.
It first happened two years ago when i just stopped praying, i just got bored of it and as a Muslim you have to pray five times a day and its really annoying as sometimes i have homework,games want tgo out with my friends etc etc...
so when i stopped praying NOTHING happened and according to the quran if your a Muslim and stopped praying you will have a miserable life blablabla hell eternal fire and such, but nothing happened, and so i just stopped it.
a year later since my stopping and i discovered these atheist youtubers.
as i was brain washed in school and tought that those atheist are actually devil worshipers weird right?
plus i was really close minded and believed everything they say.yup i was dumb.
i began hating those atheist youtubers for no apparent reason and without listening to them, this is what they to do schools here in Saudi Arabia brain washed as "Hell".
but after a couple of months or so i stumbled upon one of their videos and decided to actually LISTEN and understand this time,and well it changed me and i got hooked up really fast so they changed my prescriptive about the world.
And so on after varuis soul-searching and such. months and months after that i considered my self as an agnostic-atheist.

Now the problem
You see as i said i live in Saudi Arabia where almost the entire population is Muslim who really got brain washed and don't actually understand the quran and leave the bad parts of it and listen to the good parts.
at-least that how i was.
plus i my parents have are weird in Islam. they don't pray but they believe which classifies them an non-Muslims but they are still strict close minded Muslims. that also applies to all of my friends and such.
and so i have kept my secret for a month or so but now i just cant keep it.
it ramadan now and" magically" my parents started to pray again and of course i have to fast and pray whether i like it or not. and its really getting annoying.
now im praying for nothing fasting for nothing and hiding for maybe getting my self hanged?
should i "come out of the closet" or just stay put till im financially independent and tell them that im an atheist or should i just start with my best friends and see how they react and such?
i really cant hide it anymore and I've been giving tips about my atheism to my parents and friends like having an open mind and think who is the right and wrong while they judge by what religion they have.
and as a 15 year old im not really experienced on this so i would be very happy to get help from someone who went through this.

Btw sorry for any grammatical of spelling errors.
not that good with English.


Ok as i can see many actually replied and said a straight NO.
when i started writing this i was expecting none would reply so thank you but i still gave it a shot while most of you said no maybe this right here could change some of it.

As im not telling to my parents as most of you suggests i still have two very loyal friends, the two are not strict Muslims but are still close minded
but they do seem to lack faith or sometimes i think they are having things just like me. they do not pray one of them has a girlfriend not like that but just a girl friend. in Islam that's a BIG FAT NO NONONONONO, so he might be some sort of an atheist or a Muslim who isn't fully accepting the quran.
the second one does not pray too plus we are meeting in a mall in a couple of days sense we didn't meet together the entire summer and as they are loyal and honest friends should i tell them or not?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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