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mom, the hadiths started it.
mom, the hadiths started it.
Hello I'm la-czúza (the hag), I'm a libyan 18 years old guy from tripoli. I grew up in a relatively religious family (very religious by western standards, though not extremely).
Libyan society is religious obviously. We got islamic education at school, the attendance rate is high...etc.

I ignored my doubts whenever they arose. Until when I got 16, I checked a ruling (fatwa) about music (everyone was talking about how music is haram and I was looking for Evidence). I got some hadiths, and kept checking more and more of them. at the beginning, I Followed many (pascal's wager). But the hadiths got so unbearable I became a quranist (kinda). In the middle of my 17th year, I lost my faith in Islam completely (it was confusing). as a consequence, I accepted the fact that I'm gayBig Grin.
I became more open minded, stopped avoiding other religions (on the Internet of course, libya is "one hundred percent" malikite sunni tribal arabs).

"Arabs" can't tell the difference between atheists and communists, why?

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