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Bangladesh considers death penalty for rapists.
RE: Bangladesh considers death penalty for rapists.
(October 12, 2020 at 9:26 am)onlinebiker Wrote: I can't agree.


Hang a guy by the neck till dead for rape?



Hang the motherfucker by the balls till dead - and I'm on board.

You go Rambo/ Dirty Harry.

You do understand there is a HUGE difference between the nature of the charge, and in an emotional context, I would agree, and the difference in  A COURT AND JURY.

If you want to live in a society based on emotional reaction move to Saudi Arabia or Iran. They have far less of a standard of "evidence" and and no standard of "Presumption of innocence".

So when you talk about rape. EVERYONE GETS IT. But I could give a fuck less about the charge. I also have feelings about OJ's guilt too. But the PROCESS long term is not about emotions, but about protecting the process long term.'

If I were a lawyer, I would defend ANYONE accused of anything, not because of the individual. Ethics most of the time would lead a lawyer to get the accused to plead out, in any case. But what you don't understand is that we have courts to avoid mob rule revenge, regardless of charge.

Nobody likes rapists? NO SHIT......... I don't either. But your posts smacks of "FUCK COURTS"........ 

Have you ever had an entire private school falsely accuse you of playing favorites in a flag football game  being a reff?(<---- I broke a bone in my arm, so the school I was attending, relegated me to reff.) Have you ever been falsely accused of stealing a $30,000 dollar TV camera from a news station, when on an internship? Yea, seems trite, doesn't it?

YES RAPE IS WRONG, and so is murder, BUT we have courts for a reason.  So we don't end up looking like Saudi Arabia, Iran, or North Korea.

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