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Finding the truth
Finding the truth
So, I'm a 17 year old guy from the Netherlands. I grew up in a christian family and believed in god like every child would in this situation. I've always had doubts whether or not I believed in the right god or if there even was any god at all, but I was told that doubts are normal and every christian has had them and will be stronger after it blablabla. So when I was younger I asked questions like "what will heaven be like?" and things like that. When I got older I was more interested in fallen angels and ghosts and all of that, so I started asking questions about them to my father. It didn't really make any sense to me, but it sounded cool so I kinda accepted it. Also, my father said that it's dangerous to be too busy with this subject cause he has heard stories about ghosts visiting people and bothering them and stuff. My doubts grew and I was questioning my beliefs more and more. I was told to pray to god and ask if he would show himself to me, because who seeks shall find. So basically I've been praying to this god for all of my life and what did I get in return? Nothing. About half a year ago it didn't make any sense to me anymore. If there was a god, why would he let all of this horrible stuff in the world happen? Why doesn't he answer any prayers at all? Why did he give us a shitty bible that doesn't contain any evidence, only contradictions and crazy stories? Why would he do some non meaningful miracle like healing someone from a headache and at the same time let innocent children that are being prayed for starve to death?
I started looking into the arguments for christianity and atheïsm. It was very helpful to be interested in fallacies, since almost all arguments for christianity are fallacious. I've been trying to find the truth all of my life and right now I do not believe in the excistence of a god. Sure, there might someone or something that created us, I leave the option open. Whether it is some kind of god, an alien, other people who are using us as an expiriment or whatever, it is possible. Do I believe it? No. There is no evidence for such a thing and there is plenty of good arguments for evolution.
It is really hard to live in a family where everyone does believe in a god. I've had long debates about it with my parents, but I still have to waste time going to church. To my grandparents and other family members I have to lie and act like I still believe it, or they'll go crazy. I see people being brainwashed into this toxic belief system all the time. It makes people feel bad about themselfes for no reason. All achievements someone has made are not special because "god gave you the talent to...". I'm very glad that I'm skeptic and don't just believe anything, especially when very important dicisions are based on it. I'm asking very hard questions to my father and religious people I know so hopefully they will start doubting their beliefs and don't try to force it into other people. 
So that's my story, not the most special one but if you've made it this far it was probably interesting enough  Big Grin  I didn't go into too much detail so please ask any questions you might have. 

PS I don't want to share my real name since someone I know might recognize me and get me into unwanted trouble

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