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Bangladesh considers death penalty for rapists.
RE: Bangladesh considers death penalty for rapists.
At work.

(November 23, 2020 at 12:59 pm)onlinebiker Wrote:
(November 23, 2020 at 12:51 pm)Peebo-Thuhlu Wrote: Yes many people think many things about quite a lot and most times? They are completely wrong.

 Being dead is just that. Deceased.  Defunct.  They've shuffled off (Or in this case, were pushed) and joined the choir celestial.

Hey! You know what? People think guns are dangerous and lethal.

Should we ban all the guns?

I don't often engage with you Onlinebiker but, for fek's sake, some of your veiws are fekking simple. As in primitive.


So what I hear you saying is "you don't agree with MY opinion and therefore you are an idiot".

How nice of you to say so.....

It must make you feel soooooo special - and superior!

No you thick skulled, thin skinned Yank. Tongue

I'll play the ball and not the man.

I notice my comparison of ideas wasn't addressed?

Y'know, the whole "Prison bad. Ban prison. Guns bad. Ban guns" comparative statement?

And again, what people 'Think' (I think) we both agree does not often match reality.

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