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Bangladesh considers death penalty for rapists.
RE: Bangladesh considers death penalty for rapists.

I live in Oregon. We have a prison. The way Oregon handles their prisoners is to give them hope by employing them and it has shown to be a good way to reduce recidivism.


While I was in college learning about prisons and what works I was happy to learn that Oregon was noted in the textbook as a good example of what works. Specifically work programs that helped bolster the self-esteem of inmates and give them hope that they could build a future after release. It kept them busy when they were in the walls of the prison. There are also several companies within Oregon that hire felons on purpose so they will have a place to work. Dave's Killer Bread is one as well as D Stake Mill.

I would push for fair wages because that is one thing that makes it not fair but with a caveat that an amount would be pulled off the top for lodging and food.

This isn't about touchy feely freedom arguments, just the cold hard facts of managing a situation with the best possible outcomes for all involved.

Let's assume that a person in prison deserves to have their freedom removed then move on from there to how do we best serve their needs.

BTW I understand that the system, as it is, is corrupt but that should be addressed directly.

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