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How Catholics Made Me Atheist
How Catholics Made Me Atheist
So this is my story about how i became agnostic and eventually atheist. Sorry in advance for grammatical errors.
Grades pre-K through 10th i have gone to catholic school, and i come from a moderately religious family. All the way up too 8th grade i never had any doubts that God existed. During that time i really don't remember feeling any of God's love, and i really didn't love God. I was scared of him. I was scared of Hell. Basically up until 8th grade, i only knew catholic/christian people. I was never exposed to different religions or atheism at all. I was never persecuted because of my faith. When i entered 8th grade, i entered a high school. I had an 8th grade class called christianity. This is where my road to becoming an atheist began. My teacher was a jesuit brother, fulfilling his duties given to him by the Jesuits. My teacher persecuted non-believers many times during that year, calling them stupid and belitting them. This is the first class where i actually started learning what the catholic church believes. During the year, i started questioning my faith basically because i started realizing many christian contradictions (specifically catholic) while reading the bible and my textbook. For example, how christians say the story of adam and eve might be symbolic but if thats the case than why is there original sin??? Also the catholic belief of the eucharist, that the body and blood is actually jesus. Not symbolically, actually. So how am i eating human flesh but its not cannibalism? I also learned that my teacher was a complete asshole. By the end of the year i was still catholic but had questioned my faith plenty of times during that year. My 9th grade year i had a sacred scripture class. i thought my teacher was hilarious and really liked him. But now looking back on it, i realize that he was extremely sexist. This is when i started to legit read the bible and noticed how God is a complete jerk. Throughout the Old Testament, God does not appear as a loving omnipotent god, but a human asshole. Throughout this year i slowly became agnostic, but over the summer i realized i don't believe in heaven or hell and basically god also, Over the summer, i learned that my brother was atheist..... And gay, which opened my eyes to the intollerant views i had. I gained many liberal views. Finding out he was atheist, finally gave me the courage to be openly atheisT. The reason i hadn't been open about my views before is because i live in new orleans (like everyone is catholic or christian) I had also seen the very few atheist kids at my school get treaten like crap, and did not want that. Thats basically it.
RE: How Catholics Made Me Atheist
Congrats, man. Welcome to the non-fold.

Edit: Er, man, woman, other, etc. >.>
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RE: How Catholics Made Me Atheist
HerroimNathan..... Nathan hahahaha Man. Honestly im much happier about life not being afraid of god. I actually feel like i have a purpose now that i dont believe in god, ironically.
RE: How Catholics Made Me Atheist
(February 3, 2012 at 8:54 pm)Herroimnathan Wrote: HerroimNathan..... Nathan hahahaha Man. Honestly im much happier about life not being afraid of god. I actually feel like i have a purpose now that i dont believe in god, ironically.

That's a pretty common reaction. Once someone realizes this reality is all we get, then tend to value it much more.
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RE: How Catholics Made Me Atheist
Welcome Herro.

I've been a recovering Catholic for over 40 years.

My journey to atheism began at 16 when I started to question of the loopier catholic doctrines. (It's a VERY long list)

Hope you have fun here,even if it's only playing with some of our village idiots (I'l let you work out who they are by yourself) Tiger
RE: How Catholics Made Me Atheist
Nice to see you realized how much of a jerk the Christian God is Tongue

Btw, welcome to the forums and I live about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans, so there are atheists down here in Louisiana too! You're not completely alone Smile
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RE: How Catholics Made Me Atheist
Well done, seriously. Couldn't of been easy.
I think if everyone read the Bible Christianity would shrink to insignificance.

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